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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 17, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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even though i was, like, you didn't call and you didn't and you don't love me and i can't -- i still have all of those crazy letters. i should burn them. >> do you really? >> i have them all. >> why did you keep them? >> i don't know. i just kept them. >> do you still read them? >> no. i haven't read them in years. but i have them in a safety deposit box. >> that's amazing. >> i'm thinking i should burn them now. gayle knows, if something happens to me, burn the letters. >> i have a message, get me the letters. >> after oprah, this week, howard stern, condoleezza rice, ricky gervais and george clooney, it kicks off tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern. that does it for us. carol costello picking it up from here. hey, cc. >> hey. i'm ready to go. >> i know you're ready for piers morgan tonight. >> i'm really excited. i want to know what oprah was talking about. >> who were the letters from? >> i guess we'll have to watch
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tonight. >> the greatest tease ever, kyra. live from studio 7, i'm carol costello. cnn's big stories for monday, january 17th. apple owner steve jobs is taking a medical leave. jobs was absent from apple a couple of years ago for a liver transplant. he's been battling pancreatic cancer, got the disease in 2004. today marks the 25th anniversary of the holiday honoring the reverend martin luther king jr. live pictures from atlanta where he's buried. many americans are remembering as an ugly controversy grows in colorado. a school board member there calling king an america-hating communist. much more on those comments and their consequences in our next hour. in the pacific northwest one storm is winding down today but another is ready to strike tomorrow. warm rains are melting snow pack, causing floods and mud slides in oregon and washington.
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a number of roads are blocked by mud. >> does this concern you with your house being so close to this? >> no. to probably does my wife, though. just tell her, it won't slide. it will be all right. new shock waves in haiti. the former dick tailtor known as baby doc is back after some 25 years in exile. jean-claude duvalier's unexpected return comes as the country is trying to recover. cnn's john zarrella joins us from port-au-prince. john, where is baby doc? >> reporter: well, right now, carol, we are standing outside with probably at least a hundred other journalists outside the hotel in what just up the hillt outside of port-au-prince, the city of port-au-prince. he is inside and expected to hold a news conference here, was supposed to start about an hour
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ago. it has tt still not gotten under way. you know, when he arrived here yesterday it was certainly an absolute shock toshgs say the least, to everyone here. no one expected him, but most everyone now in this country who has a radio knows that he is here because local radio stations have, of course, been talking about it constantly, his return here after 25 years in exile in france. he was deposed in a popular uprising back in february 1986 and left the country, went to france and has been there pretty much much ever since. so it's an interesting equation because right now it's unclear why he's here. he's apparently said that he may only stay three days, that he actually came back just because he saw images of the -- from the anniversary coverages and saw the great despair that is still here and decided he had to come back. now, back in miami where we left
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this morning a few hours ago, there's a lot of sentiment from the miami haitian community about baby doc's return. >> everybody was like in shock, you know. why hateithaiti? why now? this news fell on us like a brick that duvalier was in haiti. we are all in shock, just when we thought it could never get worse in haiti, it has gotten worse. >> we are asking question at this time, why at this time do we want duvalier at this time to be in haiti? that's the question everybody is asking. >> reporter: of course, now that's what everybody wants baby doc duvalier to answer when he holds the news conference, why he he is back. he really has no political party here any longer. at the airport last night about 200 people met him, cheering his name as he arrived and sped off in a motorcade up here to the hotel. quite frankly, out here at the
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hotel now, there are no people around and life in the city of port-au-prince, as we drove up here, going on quite normally, the roadside stands open, people selling their wares alongside the road and going about their lives as best they can. >> john, here's what i'm wondering. he was a brutal dictator. people disappeared. there are also allegations he raped haiti of hub hundreds of millions of dollars. couldn't they arrest him for doing that? >> reporter: yeah, that's very true. in fact, perval said in 2007 that if he ever returned, the current president of haiti, said that he would in fact be arrested and have to stand trial for those crimes that he's alleged to have committed. of course, he has been vehemently denying that he took hundreds of millions of dollars out of the country and vehemently denying that, you know, he's responsible for anybody's disappearances or deaths back in the reign that he
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had from 1971 to 1986, that 15-year reign. but the government has been very curiously quiet here, not saying anything much about his return. apparently one of the ministers did make a remark saying, well, if he's back he's back, kind of shrugging it off like, so what? it's not really going to change the reality here that is the current state of affairs in haiti. >> so sad. john zarrella, live from haiti, thanks. the duvalier he later declared himself president for life. he was suck seedsed in 1971 by jean-claude "baby doc" duvalier, the man we're talking about. he was 19 years old at the time. he was in rule for 15 years.
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in 1986 he and his wife were forced to flee to france where they lived in luxury. now on to tucson and more encouraging news about congresswoman gabrielle gifrdz. doctor vz upgraded her condition from critical to serious. she's off the ventilator and breathing on her own through a taracheotomy tube. she is making both sides of her body, they say and making progress every day. hundreds turn out in tucson to honor the shooting victims. they took part in a walk for peace. the organizer says it was a chance to show support for the families and also a chance for the community to heal. participants cheered as they walked through the streets behind a large peace banner. and the save my life -- he saved my life and gave his for it. those words from the widow of dorwan stoddard, the arizona shooting victim who died she'ding his wife from gun fire. family and friends gathered for stoddard's funeral in tucson.
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his widow was shot three times in the legs. she remembered how he tried to protect her when the shots rang out. >> he threw himself over me. i don't know whether he threw me down or -- my first thought was get down, when i saw what has happening. i think it was the last shots that killed him. so he saved my life, and gave his for it. and you can't ask for much more, he would have protected me with his dying breath, the same way he loved me. >> so sad. the two were grade school sweethearts who found each other again later in life. a man wounded in the arizona shooting rampage is being held for a mental evaluation after a tense exchange over gun control. i'm sure you've heard about it. authorities say james eric fuller made a threat against a tucson tea party leader at a town hall meeting. sheriffs say fuller was involuntarily committed for an evaluation. the tea party organizer trent humphreys talked about the
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incident on krn's "american morning". >> i was making the point that sometimes we're really quick to jump on political angles. maybe we need to slow down, look at the victims first and maybe have a politics discussion later. he rose from his seat, took a picture of me and said, you're dead, you know. and then -- then that's pretty much what i saw. then immediately afterward they closed the program down and then i was taken out. soy didn't see anything after that. >> humphreys says the tuesday shooting shows the importance of making sure people who may need help get it. feels like tucson these days costs students their weight in gold. but what does it weigh in dollar bills? one student in colorado knows.
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swiss banks have long held the gold standard for privacy and security. just hours ago, a swiss banking insider handed over private details for thousands of accounts to the web site wikileaks. we are live with details from london. what do the documents show? >> well, we don't know exactly what rudolph elmer, that swiss whistle-blower said that basically these are financial records for at least 2,000 clients. he wouldn't say whether they're individuals or corporations, but he says that there is evidence in there that shows of the possibility of tax evasion by certain -- by banks, possibly counseling their clients in may weighs that he says suggests they're trying to work around taxes. now, he has said he has his own suspicion that's this is illegal activity, but he doesn't know if this is evidence exactly.
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that is something he says professional investigators should do. and that is why he says he is handing over these documents to wikileaks. he wants wikileaks to go through these documents and publish whatever they feel is necessary on their web site. now, julian assange was there, received the documents and he said that his organization will make a full revelation of whatever they find in these records. >> okay. so these are secret bank accounts where bankers are supposedly laundering money, supposedly guilty of tax evasion. are any of these banks u.s. banks? >> we don't know. elmer wouldn't say whether they were u.s. banks, british banks, if these were going to be individuals in the u.s. or britain. it has to be said that elmer has worked with wikileaks before and has put forward information on some international banks. we'll have to wait and see if there are any u.s. banks included in the latest batch of information. >> thank you. time to go cross country and check stories. our affiliates are covering. today is the 25th anniversary of
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martin luther king day. in washington, a march is being held on the national mall. at the site of a monument being built in king's honor. the march will end at the lincoln memorial where king delivered his famous "i have a dream" speech. a colorado student was paying for his spring semester entirely in dollar bills. the stunt is intended to show his $14,000 tuition is a heavy burden. literally. >> it gets heavier and heavier, and you're looking at all of this money and just thinking, wow, this is for one semester of school? when you walk in with a 33-pound duffle bag of cash, you know, it puts a lot into perspective. it made me really appreciate that people are willing to give up that money for me to go to school. it's one of those days for u.s. postal workers in missouri, mail was accidentally scattered over 70 miles of highway around st. louis. after the back door of a tractor trailer popped open. post office says most if not all
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of the mail has been recovered. good for them. mud slides and rising waters are washing away parts of the pacific northwest. that's keeping emergency crews busy pulling people to safety. and tonight's the night. cnn prime-time gets a new face. piers morgan premieres tonight with his first guest, oprah winfrey. she talks about the difficult days in her life before becoming a billionaire success story. >> so i'm thinking, well, i'm just going to have to kill myself. so when -- >> did you come close to doing that? >> no, not -- you know, i did stupid things like drinking detergent and all that kind of crazy stuff that you do when you're trying to get attention when you're just really trying to cry for help. >> premiere week guests include howard stern, condoleezza rice, ricky gervais and george clooney, all starts tonight at
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9:00 only on cnn. unless it's wielded with precision. the new 2011 lexus is 350. see your lexus dealer.
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a couple desperate to reach their dog had to be rescue themselves from floodwaters east of seattle. roads in and around the town of carnation are literally under water. the town on the verge of being cut off. last night neighbors heard a woman screaming but they couldn't see her. they called rescuers who found her husband waist-deep in the river as they kept calling out to the woman. >> hang on. we're coming. the fire department are coming. there's a boat. we're looking for you. we'll be coming. just trying to reassure her that she wasn't going to be left there for a long time. >> the dog wasn't worth their lives, and i think the dog is
11:19 am
safe where it's at. there's actually someone there at the kennels. >> people were actually trying to rescue their dog, the dog was trapped in the floodwaters. i'd like to say that i wouldn't do it, but if my dog were -- i think i would. >> they're like babies to a lot of people. absolutely. >> scary things. once that water starts rising, oftentimes you have very little time to get out. you really have to try to use a lot of caution and be safe. this is not just going on in washington. this is it a big story in oregon as well, the cascades all the way to the coast dealing with flooding rains. many rivers have been out of their banks. you shouldn't drive through it, by the way. that's how most people get killed in flooding situations. there are quite a few mud slides across the area shouting down major highways, some of which more than 100 feet across. real big story out here. it's really been a wet pattern for the last couple of weeks. the good news is that we're going to start to dry out as we
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0 progress through the week. still some rain through the pacific northwest today, but just tapering off to showers tomorrow. flood watches remain. the rifk of mud slides continue after we dry out. it takes a long time for the soil to stabilize a bit. be aware of that in the upcoming days. there's also an avalanche watch, too. if you're a skier and thinking about that, be careful and don't go in the backcountry. another new storm system across parts of the southeast. this has been bringing incredible rainfall especially along the i-4 corridor. we've got a tornado warning in effect for brevard county, a doppler radar indicated tornado. a good hook on this, moving toward the space center and pushing up to the north and east. you need to take cover in this area right now. that storm system in the southeast is going to be affecting most of the east coast in the upcoming days. this thing is going to move up the coastline through the carolinas. now, this is a little different from our last storm systems. this is going to hug the coast a
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little bit more so we'll see more rain in the big cities. probably start out as snow and freezing rain and then transition over. i think philadelphia will probably get hit hard estd in terms of the freezing rain and wintry weather. heavier snow of course into the mountains. if you're trying to travel today, we have a couple of problem areas. san francisco, we have low clouds, ground stop in effect. chicago o'hare snow causing issues and newark also has a few departure delays just due to the volume. lots of people moving around this time of year. >> precipitation everywhere, not just in this country. brazil, the philippines, flooding everywhere. >> it's just horrible. more rain of course in brazil, rio de janeiro dealing with incredible flooding and mud slides. what happening in the pacific northwest nothing compared to what they're dealing with. >> rainy every day for a month in brazil? >> it's the rainy season. >> this year is different because of the mud slides and floods. we'll going live to helena from
11:22 am
the devastated town from nora frebur freburgo. >> reporter: i'm not there today. these are cities on top of the hill in these gorgeous, stunning views. it's just strange to be also surrounded by tropical beauty and being in the middle of really a catastrophe, one of the worst natural disasters or the worst natural disaster, excuse me, in brazil's history. right now as you know they are -- the government is telling us that more than 600 people have died here. the locals are not believing the government because the fences show that in this neighborhood alone where i am, up the hill, about 45 minutes by foot -- right behind me. anyway, this neighborhood alone there were 1,200 people and they're all unaccounted for. i'm looking at boulders as big as houses.
11:23 am
these people had no chance to survive. carol? >> that's just unbelievable. the government response, has it been adequate? >> reporter: well, that's a good question. the government says yes. i have talked to the head of the civil defense here. he says absolutely, we are working round-the-clock. we're using everything, every tool, every human being we can. but still i am again up the hill in this shanty, and what i'm seeing mostly is volunteer work. the volunteers here are unbelievable. these are people who lost their homes, they lost their families, they have nothing. and they're basically putting on a -- trying to help everybody. >> be careful out there. >> reporter: i'm fine. i've got to move actually. i'm sorry. >> helena, we'll let you go. thank you for the report.
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take care. reporting live from brazil. new evidence relating excessive video game playing to mental health problems. a growing concern as we learned about the alleged tucson shooter's gaming habit. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen will join me. [ male announcer ] introducing listerine® zero™. we removed the alcohol and made it less intense. ♪ now people everywhere are getting a deep clean and fresher mouth without the intensity that kept them away. it still kills bad breath germs for a whole mouth clean. but it's never felt so good. ♪ new listerine® zero™. deep clean. less intense. the #1 dentist recommended mouthwash brand, listerine®.
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bee happy. bee healthy. ♪ that while you may come from the same family... you know, son, you should take up something more strenuous. you have different needs and desires. - i'm reading a book. - what's a book? so we tailor plans for individuals, featuring a range of integrated solutions. you at your usual restaurant? son: maybe. see you tomorrow. stairs? elevator. to see how our multi-faceted approach... can benefit your multi-generational wealth, look ahead with us at the alleged gunman in last week's attack in tucson was an avid gamer. we don't know what jared lee loughner's mental health condition is, but today there's new evidence that excessive video game playing can lead to mental health problems. senior medical correspond sent elizabeth cohen joins us.
11:27 am
what did researchers find? >> you know, the numbers really shocked me, especially as a parent. thet looked at 3,000 kids between about third and eighth grade and nearly 10% of them were considered path lodge kalg gamers according to this. that's a lot of kids. dow know how many hours a week they were game something. >> i was going to ask, what's pathological. >> we'll get to that in a second. the sheer number, 30 hours a week or more of gaming. >> that's almost a full-time job. >> exactly. imagine if they were doing something else. 30 hours a week and these kids were more likely to have depression and more likely to have anxiety. you asked well, what makes them pathological? these are kids who were having trouble relating to the real world. they weren't dog well in school sometimes, having trouble getting their chores done at home. their life was more virtual and their real life was taking a back seat. >> does it matter what game they're playing? does that affect them more? >> yes. the kids who were having these problems tended to be doing more of the violent game ltz. they weren't playing ms. pacman,
11:28 am
they were doing the competitive violent games you see. irknow a lot of parents are going to say, i think pretty much every kid plays games to some extent. how do i know when they've crossed the line? i want to talk about that because it's important for parents to know. a couple of things to look for. one thing is, when you tell your child to stop, do they become irritable? i did a story with one kid who pulled the alarm -- you know the alarm panels embedded into the wall of a house? pulled it out of the wall when told to stop, threw a coffee table across the room. that's irritable. >> that's more than irritable. that's scary. >> exactly. those parents knew they had a problem on their hands. also, if the kid uses games to escape their problems, if the child is having problems at school and home and this is their refuge, that ace problem because they're not dealing with the real issues. and also if they lie about gaming, if you know that your child spent ten hours gaming yesterday and you ask them and they say something -- a smaller
11:29 am
number, that's a problem. but i think probably the number one red flag, at least for me as a parent, is that 30-hour thing. you know, you know right there something's going on. >> so what do you do if you're a parent and your kid is constantly playing video games and he or she just don't listen to you? >> there are actually counselors who specialize in dealing with kids who seem to be addicted to video games. i think it's important to reach out and get help because sometimes it really can be beyond the parent. i mean, that's -- you know, that's something that sometimes a parent can't deal with on their own. i want to get in here what the gaming industry says. they say the addiction thing doesn't exist. they say this is -- >> can't you see it being brought up in jared loughner court case? can't you see it being brought up in court and the gaming industry probably wouldn't be so happy about that. >> they wouldn't. they would probably say what they told us about this study. they say there's no concrete evidence that links games to any harm. there is simply no evidence that computer and video games cause
11:30 am
harm. that's what they had to say. as far as loughner goes, i don't know -- i think it would be incredibly difficult to say that gaming causes that kind of violence. i mean, that's tough. obviously this kid had problems besides his gaming. and sometimes gaming is a sign of problems. smiemdz a kid with problems gets into gaming. that causes more problems. it becomes this snowball effect. >> interesting -- scary stuff actually. elizabeth, thank you so much. many in congress have called ford a new era of civility following the arizona shootings. hear from senators who are doing something about it.
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if you live in florida, hold it right there because a tornado warning has just been issued for parts of florida. jacqui jeras is here to tell us where. >> we told you a little earlier the county -- >> no worries. it just broke. >> brevard county, they had the warning but now we have a confirmation of a funnel cloud near port st. john. here is the area we're talking about. this is moving closer to the coast and pulling away. this a very populated area. you need to take cover right now. we've had the intense squall line all morning long. that is going to persist over the next couple of hourz. we could also see flash flooding
11:34 am
associated with it as well. south florida we just got a new watch in effect, a tornado watch has been issued for south florida as well as the keys. this does include miami-dade county. it's going to be a rough afternoon across parts of florida. of course, we'll break in as it's necessary. a call for more civility in congress following the arizona shoots. two senators on opposite sides the aisle have pledged to sit together during next week's state of the union address. democrat chak schumer and republican tom coburn told "meet the press" they're hoping to set a new tone. >> a violent zors in political life, right, left or center is brong and should be rejected. but i do think we as elected officials have an obligation to try to toin that down. and if we tone to down, maybe the media will be less vocifero vociferous. >> we have vast differences in what we believe is the best course for our country. but i think that ought to be set
11:35 am
aside. we don't have the lincoln/douglas debate. some of the problem in our country is we talk past each other, not to each other. chuck and i have been able to work on multiple bills because we sit down one-on-one and work things out. what we need to do is have more of that, not less of it. >> cnn congressional correspondent lee eun breannian live on capitol hill. hoping for a new era of civility. some people say a day or two and then it will be back to normal. >> reporter: sure. in the next week or two, politically charged things going on. the health care repeal this week and next week the state of the union. that's what so intriguing when you see senator schumer and senator coburn, two senators here who really almost couldn't be more different when it comes to policy, and they're calling for -- at least for themselves, to be sitting together at the
11:36 am
state of the union where we normally see the harsh divide between democrats and republicans. this is also something people are discussing in the house of representatives. in fact, listen to what the number three republican in the house, kevin mccarthy, said about this on friday at the house republican retreat. >> i like the idea. but you know what's so interesting is there are no assigned seats. maybe only a couple. but there's only a couple on the floor. people could always sit by one another. >> do you think you would sit by a democrat? >> you know what? steny hoyer and i try to talk quite often. i would enjoy sitting next to him. >> so who would the number three republican in the house sit next to? he said he would like to sit next to the number two democrat. this is a conflict that senator mark udall of colorado came up with, carol. you have a lot of democrats and republicans talking about it. those two we mentioned before, senator schumer and senator coburn, really the only two who
11:37 am
have formally committed and kind of buddied buddied up there. the other people we've heard talking about it say they like the idea. it seems like something that maybe will play out. we'll see who ends up sitting next to each other. the bottom line here, you heard this from senator coburn, he's someone who has a very specific approach when it comes to policy. they're not saying they're going to start agreeing on things. it's just that they're going to walk a different line when it comes to how they talk about it. we'll see how long that lasts, as you say. >> the only way to get things done is having a -- like have an intelligent conversation? wouldn't that be a change? >> reporter: they're going to try to tone it down. >>. >> how to make tax time easier. get organized for starters. we have top tips from the cnn money team. oprah calls it one of her toughest interviews in 20 years. you ket get to see it tonight at 9:00 p.m.
11:38 am
piers morgan opens up with oprah winfrey. and she does open up. >> a relationship that i thought that really broke my heart, i was keeping a journal then. you know, keeping a journal is -- you get to see yourself, how you're evolving as a human being. and i remember having a ceremony in my head for that woman. i look back at that time and i hold no remorse or bitterness toward that person, even though i was like, you didn't call and you didn't -- you don't love me and i -- i still have the crazy letters. i shld burn them. >> you have them? >> i kept them. >> why do you keep them? >> i kept them. i haven't read them in years but i have them in a safety deposit box somewhere. >> that's amazing. >> gayle knows if anything happens to me, get the letters. >> i've got a message to gayle. give me the letters. >> fascinating. premiere week guests include
11:39 am
howard stern, condoleezza rice, ricky gervais and george clooney. it all starts tonight at 9:00 p.m. on "piers morgan tonight." u haven't seen him... my other can is ringing. progresso. hey can you tell my wife to relax and enjoy the view? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup. my old contacts would sometimes move and blur my vision. then my eye doctor told me about acuvue® oasys for astigmatism. he said it's the only lens of its kind designed to realign naturally with every blink so now, i'm seeing more clearly. [ male announcer ] learn more at by giving me ginormous discounts with these: so now, i'm seeing more clearly. how can expedia save me even more on my hotel? unpublished rates. which means i get an even more rockin' hotel, for less. where you book matters. expedia.
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you're online right now and we are, too. we're tracking the hottest stories trending on the web. jacqui, what have you found? >> the number one thing people are reading about this morning on has to do with
11:42 am
apple's ceo steve jobs. he's announcing medical leave, this is it the second time in two years that he's taken a break from the company due to his health. he is a cancer survivor. of course, apple, the company that makes the ipad, the ipod, everybody has these gadgets now and there is a little bit of speculation within the industry whether or not the corporation can continue with this innovation as he takes his leave. so that's one thing trending on dot com right now. >> we'll get back to you. top stories now, congresswoman gabrielle giffords' condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. she is now breathing on her own. the next big milestone will be whether she can talk. it's been eight days since giffords was shot at her tucson event. tunisia may get a new government today. the announcement comes a day after the army clashed with armed gangs and the ousted president's bodyguards. the former president fled to saudi arabia.
11:43 am
heavy rains in oregon and washington is forcing road closures because of mud slides. it's that time again, time to round up paperwork and get started on your taxes. christine romans has some top tips. did you say oh, drat? >> no. i said, oh, dread, it's tax time again. though we get a couple of extra days, right? >> we do. that's right. you get three extra zadays to fe your taxes because of emancipation day. that's a few more days to dread getting your paperwork in order. you'll nooe need the two-2s and 1099s. they're coming in the mail by the end of the month. keep a close eye for them. uf don't want anybody to scamper off with them. keep your receipts for medical expenses or from your flex spending accounts, statements from your bank, mortgage interest paid, any qualifying
11:44 am
improvements you made to your home. all of this great advice from barbara weltman. she also says charitable contributions are a popular dedauks introduction for mad deducti deduction, but you need a bank record or receipt for anything under $250. over $250, you need additional proof from the charity, a canceled check isn't enough if it's more than $250. finally, any job-related deductible expenses such if you bought a uniform for work or jien joined a trade association or subscriptions to work-related publications, keep all of that stuff handy, start putting it together now, carol. >> it will take me about six months. no. i have most of it -- actually, my husband has most of it together. i'm just -- >> is it in a shoebox? do you keep yours there? >> oh, no. he has extensive files. he's very organized. he's like obsessive, which is a good husband to have.
11:45 am
>> i agree. >> we have more with christine, hold on a minute, on get ready for tax time. that's coming up after a break.
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11:47 am
we're talking with cnn's
11:48 am
christine romans about prepping for tax season. i guess the irs is getting kind of tech-savvy, huh? >> i like the idea of keeping the irs to 140 characters or less, don't you? the irs is on twitter. in fact, i'm just looking it up right now. they've got a twitter account called at irs news for advice. also an app for your taxes. turbo chatax released the snap app. it's available on iphone and android phones. you can take a picture of the w-2 and it auto-fills the information to the irs form. the app is free but you pay $14.99 to file the rufrn and you can only do this if you file a 1040-ez form. "tried it out on one of the forms the other day. it's pretty nifty. there are a lot of online scammers though. use common sense here. download apps only from your phone's provided store and store your password-protect your phone
11:49 am
so if your phone gets lost or stolen your tax information is safe. don't forget that. remember, don't buy an app or download an app rather that is a fake app that somebody can get in there and get all of your information. be very careful about that. irs@irsnews. >> we'll check it out. thank you. the tucson shootings put gun control back in the spotlight. supporters face an uphill fight. mark preston, live from the political desk in washington. what's crossing right now, mark? >> hey, carol. congress is coming back this week after the martin luther king holiday. they didn't do much last week because of the tucson shooting. because of the shooting there's been a lot of talk about gun control and will there be action taken on capitol hill to try to enact some measures? even some supporters of gun control acknowledge that will be very difficult. one of the things they're talking about is outlying the high-capacity magazines the shooter in tucson had a magazine
11:50 am
with 30 rounds in it. a lot of people say that is why we saw so many people killed so quickly. the gun control debate will take foot up on capitol hill in the next couple of weeks. there will be a lot talk about it, but probably not enough votes to get the assault weapons ban enacted. >> i know there's some freshmen senators on their way to afghanistan. i was going to i know there are freshman senators on the way to afghanistan. >> exactly. talk about jumping right into their jobs. several freshman senators are over in afghanistan as we speak right now. richard burr from north carolina, ron johnson from wisconsin, kelly iot from new hampshire, marco rubio from florida and pat toomey from pennsylvania. marco rubio has some pictures of the visit over in afghanistan. they are joined by senator lindsay graham as well as the republican leader mitch mcconnell over there talking to the troops from their home states. they also met with general petraeus and the afghan president hamid karzai and are
11:51 am
expected to come back tomorrow. talk about on-the-job training very quickly. >> no kidding. also, i know michael steele is gone. there is a new rnc chair. tell us about him. >> there is. you know, we talked a lot about michael steele over the last couple weeks. this was his campaign sign up until friday. well, out with michael steele as they say and in with reince priebus. this is somebody nobody knows much about unless you are a political insider. he is going to be one of the most powerful republicans over the next couple years behind the scenes his job is to raise upwards of $425 million to try to defeat president obama heading into the 2012 election. he has taken very decisive steps over the past 24 hours. in fact, he fired everybody down in tampa. these were people hired by michael steele to set up the republican national convention down in 2012, the nominating convention. he has cleared house down there so expect to hear a lot from this wisconsin republican that nobody knows a lot about but
11:52 am
you'll soon hear a lot about. >> everybody will soon be able to pronounce his name easily. it'll just slip off your tongue. >> true. >> thank you. your next political update in an hour. for the latest political news go to cnn talking trash and backing it up. the instant classic between the new york jets and new england patriots topping our big play today. after a week of taunting and wise cracking the jets' defense delivered against the pats last night putting the super bowl dreams of their rivals to rest. final score, 28-21. hum. next weekend the jets battle the steelers for the afc championship. chicago plays graeb for the nfc title. now money is your jump shot. well, check out m big shot over there. the georgia tech student buried a shot during a first half time-out in a game against north carolina. the half-court shot earned him $1,000. >> never go to a canes event
11:53 am
without you. >> to never go to a canes event without you. >> why bother with a church wedding when hockey is your true religion? a couple die-hard carolina hurricanes fans exchanging warm wedding vows on cold, hard ice at the rbc center. the team mascot was their ring bearer. the stars shined at last night's golden globes but there were moans and groans during the opening monologue. you decide. was it hysterical or in bad taste? was an archer drawing his bow. ♪ could that have also inspired its 556 horsepower supercharged engine? ♪ the all-new cadillac cts-v coupe. we don't just make luxury cars, we make cadillacs.
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11:56 am
did you watch it last night? comedic jabs and awkward moments at the golden globes. in the end the ceremony which ushers in hollywood's awards season gave the most kudos to social network. cnn entertainment correspondent coreen winter has the highlights. >> it is going to be a night of partying and heavy drinking or as charlie sheen calls it, breakfast. >> this year's golden globes ceremony kicked off with host ricky gervais raising a glass and immediately taking aim at some of hollywood's biggest targets. >> our first presenter is beautiful, talented, and jewish apparently, mel gibson told me that. he's obsessed. >> and although no one was safe from the british comedian's sharp tongue one movie was a safe bet. >> "social network." >> the facebook drama "the social network" took home four
11:57 am
trophies including the night's biggest award, best motion picture drama. >> wow. the kids are all right. >> the best picture comedy musical went to "the kids are all right" with star annette benning also taking home a globe for best actress in a comedy or musical. >> collin firth. >> other nods went to the king's speech leading man who was crowned best actor in a drama. >> thank you. >> natalie portman. >> and "black swan's" natalie portman was named best actress. supporting actor globes went to the fighter stars "christian bale and melissa leo." >> this year's globes was filled with "glee" when it came to the small screen categories. fox's megahit earned three statutes including best tv series comedy or musical along with acting nods. >> "boardwalk empire." >> on the drama side, hbo's "boardwalk empire" was named best tv drama with the series leading man earning best actor. >> i'm going to try and talk fast before that sad music comes
11:58 am
on. >> there was no interruption. only applause for michael douglas who closed the show. the actor recently announced he has beaten throat cancer after months of rigorous radiation treatments, bringing the audience to its feet. >> just got to be an easier way to get a standing ovation. >> cnn, beverly hills. >> the golden globe awards are a big trending topic today online. jaqui jeras joins us with a few of your comments. and ricky gervais, woo. >> i know. right? >> i laughed. >> and many people did laugh along with you. some people not laughing about it, though. so the reviews are very mixed. everybody is talking about it. probably the angriest people perhaps were the actors themselves. >> who was it? bruce willis? ricky gervais introduced him as like ashton kutcher's father? >> nobody was really safe
11:59 am
apparently. >> he got johnny depp, he got angelina, he got pretty much everybody. here's what people are saying on twitter, which is trending by the way. of course the golden globes. she says i thought ricky gervais was amusingly honest. if you can't laugh at yourself, hollywood, the rest of us will do it for you. let's take a look at what else. tony tones here says is there any way i can watch just ricky gervais's bit and skip the rest of the footage of the bored actors? some of them didn't look too thrilled in the audience, did they? this one says, ricky gervais, was he trying too hard? not as funny as he used to be. that one not quite as good. everybody is watching the dresses, carol. right? l.a. stylist mom says she loves seeing the expectant moms like natalie portman on the red carpet. >> they looked great. didn't they? >> yeah. there wasn't as much color as i was expecting this year. >> you mean brightly colored gowns? >> yeah, in the gowns overall. there were a lot of black, lots
12:00 pm
of grays. >> a lot of shiny stuff. i did like that. >> sparkle. >> speaking of shiny stuff let's talk about miss america. >> we shall. i want to mention speaking of ricky gervais, he is going to be on piers morgan on thursday night so if you want to get a little more ricky that's a place you can get it. >> fabulous. okay. miss america. >> yeah. miss america. that happened this weekend, too. if you missed it. kind of interesting with this one, though. she's the youngest miss america that we've had since 1938. there she is. her name is teresa scanlon. she is ms. nebraska. she is 17 years old. 17. >> i'm just relieved she doesn't want to become a news anchor. >> she wants to become a lawyer and then a judge. >> i'm so sick of that. >> that's better. >> anderson cooper on saturday night live, that was hilarious. >> did you see it? >> oh, my gosh. >> it was so funny. >> i laughed over and over and over again. we'll set this up in just a little bit. it was a cameo appearance from anderson. there was a segment here and
12:01 pm
this was with peewee herman and andy sandberg and they happened to bump into each other at a bar and peewee is drinking milk, right? and andy is like can i buy you a shot? they do shot after shot. they leave the bar, bump into anderson, and some not so good thing happens. take a look. >> hey, what are you guys doing here? >> this is an intervention, andy. >> what's the big problem? he is just trying to have some fun. >> yeah. >> he's not the only one with a problem, peewee. your friends are here, too. >> jerry? >> oh, peewee. >> you're a bad influence on each other. >> we are not. >> oh, really. >> hey, anderson. >> you almost hit me in the eye. do you know what would happen if i lost these eyes? they're a national treasure. >> a national treasure. they are. don't you think? because the guys ran into anderson and they hit him with a chair. that's what happened. >> sure did. >> got beat up a little bit there. >> that was really good. >> it was pretty funny.
12:02 pm
>> thank you, jaqui. i needed to laugh today. >> appreciate it. >> top of the hour. i'm carol costello. let's check the big stories. apple ceo steve jobs is taking another medical leave effective today. jobs did not get into detail about his new health problems. in an e-mail to employees, he was absent from apple for part of 2008 and 2009 for a liver transplant. human rights groups are demanding haiti arrest the former dictator baby doc duvalle who returned to the country last night though it is not clear why. he fled to france 25 years ago to escape a popular uprising. haitians in the united states are in a state of utter disbelief. >> everybody was shocked, you know, why haiti, why now? this news fell on us like a brick that duvalle was in haiti. we are all in shock. just when we thought it could never get worse in haiti, it has gotten worse. >> we are asking questions at this time to see why at this
12:03 pm
time they want duvalle in haiti. that is the question everybody is asking. >> wikileaks plans to go public with swiss bank records in a matter of weeks. a whistle blower says he wants to expose tax evaders. he handlied two disks to the wikileaks founder julian assauge today. it allegedly contains the banking records of 2,000 clients including celebrities and politicians. let's get started with a pressing question of steve jobs' health, though. we're in new york. jobs is not releasing many details about why he needs to take this leave, is he? >> reporter: he's really not, but i'll tell you what. if you're an investor in apple right now you're thinking, okay. what is going to happen with apple share prices especially since steve jobs has really created this persona as an irreplaceable super hero with apple, so really his health really has become very relevant to what happens to apple. his well being has become this huge conversation point in recent years even when he does step out in public people often
12:04 pm
say, gosh. you know, he looks really frail. and what often happens when a ceo has a health problem especially when it's such a high profile leader like jobs it can cause the company stock price to take a real hit. you know, that's not really what we've seen with apple. despite all of his health problems, apple shares, carol, have soared in value. they're up 170% over the past three years. and more than 400% in the past five years. now, the stock market is closed today for martin luther king day but we're going to be following apple stock closely tomorrow when trading resumes. by the way, apple's earnings come out after the closing bell tomorrow, carol. >> you know, it all sounds great, but steve jobs, i mean, he has a long history with apple but it hasn't been without some drama. >> there really has been quite enough drama there for hi. you know, he founded the company in 1976, was dismissed in what was basically thought of as a board room coup in 1985, and then he returned in 1997. now, jobs is credited for
12:05 pm
reviving what was then a struggling computer maker. he is really considered a true visionary. you know, on his watch, you know, were those gadgets we know and love. they all came out, the mac desk top computer, the ipod, iphone, and most recently the ipad. these are some of the most talked about products ever. even "fortune" came out and said the past decade in business basically belonged to jobs. so he obviously takes this leave of absence with a heavy heart. >> thanks. we'll look deeper into steve jobs' medical problems. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen will drop by in just a few minutes. heavy rains and melting snow can mean only one thing in the pacific northwest. a lot of flooding. watches and warnings up across oregon and washington, roads are closed, including the wilson river highway which stretches from portland to the coast. emergency crews are busy rescuing people caught in flood waters and just what they do not need, more rain is on the way.
12:06 pm
>> my wife's ready to move right now. i don't know if you notice but you can hear the boulders rolling and it sounds like a bowling alley. >> you are a little apprehensive if you're on edge with this much volume going and this much debris moving again. >> they're not alone with their weather problems. pretty nasty weather moving into many parts of the country. >> that's right, carol. there is some good news. we saw some horrible rainfall occurring across much of the northwest but the models are actually taking less rainfall into this week. the problem was there was rain last night and rain early this morning so we're watching our satellite perspective and notice this batch of rain that kind of moved its way in and then a break in the action. well, that's good news but the problem is we do have that steady stream of moisture coming in from the pacific and one of the areas hard hit, not just western washington but also western oregon state, there was a landslide earlier on sunday afternoon that closed a stretch of highway for about several hours because of the debris
12:07 pm
coming down the mountain and also several trees, several dozen trees coming down the middle of the road. can you imagine? really dangerous still. we still have the risk for landslides in this region because of five inches of rain has accumulated so the soil is completely saturated. notice, though, the computer model. it does show that we have more rain further inland, less rain on the shore line which is good news because it is the steep, coastal terrain that tends produce landslides. we have pictures to show you across the region. this is another landslide and this was in oregon. you can see the debris on the ground. when you have a landslide sometimes you can actually hear it before it comes, the sound of boulders or a little debris coming down and then all of a sudden it's very fast and rapid and takes down everything with it. this is courtesy of our affiliate kptv in oregon so really rough weather rolling through the west for today. not just the west but the southeast. rain is needed for florida but the problem is when it gets severe, that's not what we need. we have now two tornado watches
12:08 pm
for south florida. this includes west palm beach, boca raton down through miami and fort lauderdale. lots of heavy rain coming in to south florida right now so we're watching that and i think it's just going to get worse before it gets better. these tornado watches are in effect until 7:00 p.m. tonight so with the heating of the day as we get into the afternoon we are likely to see warnings issued. we'll let you know if we get any warnings here or any region in the country. >> be careful out there. thank you, bonnie. now to tucson and more encouraging news about congresswoman gabrielle giffords. her condition is upgraded from critical to serious and she continues to do well according to doctors. we're at the hospital where we expect an update in the next hour, maybe. thelma? representative giffords took a big step forward over the weekend. tell us about that. >> reporter: yes, absolutely, carol. the congresswoman has now had her condition upgraded from critical to serious and that's partly because she can breathe on her own now through a trak
12:09 pm
y tracheotomy tube inserted saturday and also has a feeding tube. doctors say it is a terrific move forward. we expect to hear more from them. there are threeatients, carol, who are still here at the hospital. >> it's all such encouraging news and as i look at that memorial behind you it seems to get bigger and bigger every day. >> reporter: yeah, it really does. there was a very poignant moment last night when we were standing out here. we noticed that a patient was wheeled out. she was surrounded by police officers and we took a closer look and it was susie heilman. she is still a patient in the hospital but she told the police officers that she wanted to come out. she wanted to see the memorial before she says it went away. her husband was with her. he wheeled her through that path in the memorial. a mariachi band came out and serenaded her. what was really touching to see,
12:10 pm
so many well wishers coming up to her, talking to her, lots of tears shed. a very touching moment out here, carol. >> and mrs. hileman was the woman with christina green, right? >> yes. she was the woman who took christina green over to the event on saturday, that very terrible saturday and she was going through the memorial yesterday and many people came up to her and offered their condolences and she just had tears in her eyes and it was just such an emotional moment to watch her connect with all these people who are coming up to her. you have to wonder how she feels right now and what she thinks of as she wheels through there looking at pictures of all the victims and seeing all those messages that are out on that memorial right now. >> there are so many wonderful people in america, in tucson and i know that she appreciated those words of comfort. thelma gutierrez live in tucson. we'll go back to the hospital when that live coverage at the hospital update on
12:11 pm
representative giffords begins. as i said that's scheduled for the next hour. right around 1:00 p.m. eastern. the house is set to vote on repealing the health care reform law this week but there is a lot of talk over the act's official name. we'll tell you why. first though our random moment is moments away. ordinary rubs don't always work on my arthritis.
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. heading out for a ski ray -- vacation? don't forget the family pet. >> atta girl! what a good slide! >> who needs skis? this dog has figured out the law
12:14 pm
of gravity. a frolicking physics lessons for its human friends on the slopes doubling as the random moment of the day. the house of representatives set to vote on a repeal of the president's health care overhaul this week, the bill called repealing the job killing health care law act. saturday night live poked fun at the name after speaker john boehner started calling it other names on his web page. >> job killing? is this an example of the heated rhetoric we need to stay away from? >> yes. we should be gentler, greta. perhaps job euthanizing. >> i would go with job choking or freedom raping. >> they're taking our jobs and giving them a lethal injection of socialism that is poisoning our economy and our freedom. >> amen. >> oh, yeah. >> i like that. >> okay. >> okay. so we're agreed.
12:15 pm
let's call it the repealing the giving our jobs a lethal injection of a socialism poisoning our economy and freedom health care alive. see? we can work together. >> thank you, greta van susteren. joining me now is cnn congressional correspondent brianna kieler. some republicans are calling this a different name, the job crushing health care -- what is it? >> reporter: the bill actually says in it repealing the job killing health care law act. that is the name of it. right? >> yeah. >> we've been hearing recently speaker boehner calling it job crushing or job destroying. a very subtle distinction but it's an important one. it comes amid all of this talk of toning down the rhetoric. the bill will remain by its name though some democrats have said that perhaps the bill name should change. it is already in the process of going to the floor. according to one republican
12:16 pm
source, you have to go through a whole other process and vote so it is going to remain as it is, but, yeah. this certainly is sort of a small distinction that we've noticed coming from speaker boehner. >> well, a hint of sensitivity there. let's talk about what exactly this will accomplish, though. it's probably going to pass the house but that really doesn't matter because it's not going to pass the senate and the president would veto it anyway. but within the health care act, there are things both democrats and republicans agree ought to be repealed, so why not concentrate on those things and skip this repealing the whole, entire health care act? >> that is the long-term strategy for house republicans that they are going to try to attempt a bit of a death by a thousand cuts but first up they say this is an important statement to make. they told voters they would work to repeal this law so what we're going to see is debate beginning on tuesday, tomorrow, we're going to see the words starting to fly tomorrow. we'll be keeping a close eye on
12:17 pm
that on the house floor. then we'll be seeing the vote on the actual repeal on wednesday. thursday we'll see a vote that is instructing committees to start replacing that legislation that would be repealed. now, this is interesting because this is sort of more the long-term strategy that i mentioned for republicans. maybe they find parts of the health care bill that they can try to defund, try to delay. there are certain parts that, you know, there are some democrats, maybe enough democrats even in the senate who don't like, you know, one thing that comes to mind, carol, the 1099 thing. this is something i think is going to get a lot of attention that anyone who is basically requiring services from someone in excess of $600, they have to deal with 1099 paperwork. it's going to create a lot of paperwork. you've heard a lot of small businesses say it is going to be a burden on them. enough so there are many democrats who oppose it and the money it generates or really the tax revenue it brings in is supposed to help pay for health
12:18 pm
care reform but i think this is something there's kind of some bipartisan dislike for. >> exactly. this is probably one of the things the republicans will target. >> there are even some democrats who sponsored that bill that will go through the house to repeal the 1099 thing, right? >> exactly. that is something you hear a lot of democrats, and i was at town hall meetings before health care reform passed and you heard a lot of democrats listening to this criticism, republicans listening to this criticism coming from their constituents and it seemed to be very widespread and there is i think a lot of bipartisan support for doing away with that. >> i think the bigger problem is that many americans don't understand what's going to happen when all of the parts of the health care bill go into effect or the health care law go into effect because some parts of the health care law won't go into effect until 2014, so i don't think many americans understand exactly how it will affect them. >> yeah, there are a lot of things that don't go into effect until 2014. what you have democrats focusing on through this debate, the
12:19 pm
popular items that are going into effect and are already in effect, for instance, even just this year, that people who are up to 26 years old can stay on their parents' health insurance. this helps a lot of, you know, parents who have kids coming out of college trying to get that first job. those are really the talking points you're going to see democrats sticking to, hanging on to those things that are in effect, since there are a lot of things that are going to be years off. >> i know you'll be listening tomorrow. brianna keilar, thanks. time to check stories our affiliates are covering. this is the 25th anniversary of martin luther king day. in washington a march is being held on the national mall at the site of a monument being built in king's honor. the march will end at the lincoln memorial where king delivered his famous "i have a dream" speech. a student in colorado is paying for his spring semester entirely in dollar bills. the stunt is intended to show his $14,000 a year tuition is a heavy burden, literally.
12:20 pm
>> it gets heavier and heavier. you're looking at all this money and thinking, wow. this is for one semester of school. when you walk in with a 33-pound duffle bag of cash, you know, it puts a lot into perspective. it made me really appreciate that people are willing to give up that money for me to go to school. >> wow. one of those days where u.s. postal workers in missouri mail was accidently scattered over 70 miles of highway around st. louis after the back door of a tractor-trailer popped open. the post office says most if not all of the mail has been recovered. as the nation celebrates the life of a slain civil rights legend, controversy explodes in colorado over the hateful rants of one local radio station owner.
12:21 pm
12:22 pm
12:23 pm
for the 25th time the nation is observing the federal holiday honoring the reverend martin luther king jr. the king family placed a wreath at king's tomb in atlanta today. many americans are remembering king's civil rights legacy by volunteering in their communities. this is true for the obamas as well. the president and first lady taking part in a volunteer event in the washington area. and we actually have these live pictures of atlanta. this is mlk's tomb where king is buried and you can see the wreath has been placed right there. in colorado a reminder of why martin luther king day is still so relevant. bret reese is a local school board member and also owns a radio station. this is the editorial his station kels-fm has been airing about martin luther king jr. >> just a sexual degenerate, an
12:24 pm
america hating communist, and criminal betrayer of even the interests of his own people. >> according to "the denver post" reese says he has received death threats since he started airing the piece. there has been a public outcry. the school board is not so happy he is doing this and asked him to stop. as far as we know, it has not. let's turn our attention to something more, well, something funny i hate to say. texting while walking? it turns out it can be pretty darned dangerous. jaqui jeras is tracking the hot stories online today. this one has quite a few hits, because you just can't help but laugh at it. >> you can't. you know, like watching a train wreck. you can't look away in this type of video. we all know about the dangers of texting and driving, right? it's even been banned in some cities and some states. texting and walking? that could be next. did you see it? did you see what happened? this woman is in a mall. this is in berkshire, massachusetts. and she is just walking along
12:25 pm
texting, not paying attention to where she's going. and, yeah. right in the fountain. >> i like how she just pops up and walks away and then looks around to see if anyone noticed. >> it's like that commercial, right, have you seen the one where it's like the bad news is she fell into a fountain. the good news is nobody saw you do it. >> exactly. it was only water. >> only water. >> i would have walked with my head hanging low immediately to my car. >> me, too. something else that's trending. this is kind of interesting. school buses are testing cameras out to catch drivers who aren't doing the right thing. >> there are a lot of drivers out there not doing the right thing by the way. this is trending big time on "usa today" right now. basically what it is, we all know that most of the school buses already have cameras inside to watch the kids. this is a camera on the outside of the bus so that you can see the cars. what they're trying to do is stop and people from passing the buses when they're trying to load and unload the school buses. they're doing this as a testing in different cities and counties all across the united states,
12:26 pm
including my county by the way, right here in georgia. it was a sad reason why they chose to do it in my county which is cobb county by the way. a little girl was killed in this type of situation when a car tried to pass her. they are hoping to prevent this. they say they have already caught people passing the buses using this camera. it cost $1500 to $1800 so they are a little bit on the spendy side. one other problem, for example in maryland where they are testing these they can catch people doing it but can't actually prosecute them. >> why? >> it's against the law. entrapment? i don't know. >> then why have them? just saying. >> it creates awareness though if you're thinking about it. >> true. a good point, jaqui. >> safety, safety, carol. >> thanks. steve jobs' new health crisis. we'll talk about his past scares with the cnn medical team. and the countdown is on. piers morgan tonight premieres in about eight and a half hours.
12:27 pm
piers' first ever guest, oprah winfrey. after the sitdown oprah told cnn it was one of her toughest interviews in 20 years. in this sneak preview she talks about her relationship with stedman. >> i had been betrayed by somebody in my family who had gone to the tabloids and for, you know, $20,000 had sold me out and stedman came into the room with tears in his eyes. we knew it was coming out. stedman came into the room with tears in his eyes and he said, the story is out. i have a copy of it if you want to see it. and i'm really sorry. you don't deserve this. it was that moment. >> you looked at him and you thought, i love this man. >> no, i looked at him and i thought, here's somebody who is willing to stand in and stand up for you. and that's what love is.
12:28 pm
>> after oprah appears premiere week guests include howard stern, condoleezza rice, and it all kicks off tonight at 9:30 on "piers morgan tonight." i can my own homemade jam, apricot. and i really love my bank's raise your rate cd. i'm sorry, did you say you'd love a pay raise asap ? uh, actually, i said i love my bank's raise your rate cd. you spent 8 days lost at sea ? no, uh... you love watching your neighbors watch tv ? at ally, you'll love our raise your rate cd that offers a one-time rate increase if our current rates go up. ally. do you love your bank ? a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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and find an arthritis treatment that works for you. ask your doctor about celebrex. and, go to to learn more about how you can move toward relief. celebrex. for a body in motion. steve jobs is taking a second medical break from apple the company he founded. he sent this e-mail but didn't spell out his health problems. we do know he received a new liver in 2009. he was out about six months then and jobs also battled pancreatic cancer in 2004.
12:31 pm
we want to bring in our cnn medical correspondent elizabeth cohen just to try to figure out what is wrong. >> it was so sad to hear and all of our hearts dropped. before we talk about what his future may look like let's look at his medical history and sort of what he's been through. in 2003 steve jobs was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer. thank goodness it was actually a form that is much easier to treat and with a much better outlook than other forms of pancreatic cancer. then a year later he had surgery to remove that tumor from his pancreas. in 2009 he had a liver transplant. when we talk to doctors about why a pancreatic cancer patient would have a liver transplant they said probably because it spread to his liver, the cancer spread to his liver and so he was given a transplant to get a healthier liver. >> i know he's been, you know, herbal treatments or maybe or some kind of, you know, out of the medical realm he's been doing his own kind of thing to try to get better. >> i don't know about him in
12:32 pm
particular, but i do know some cancer patients will go through the sort of main stream, the regular, you know, medically accepted treatments and then will do some alternative treatments to bolster their immune system or help their body recover. these are heavy duty surgeries that he had. >> so we know he had pancreatic surgery. what does that tell you about what he could be suffering from now? >> right. about what's going on now. i talked to several doctors about these. these are pancreatic cancer specialists. they said, look. of course we really have no idea but with a patient like this what i would be concerned about is has his pancreatic cancer come back? that's, unfortunately, a possibility. another possibility is that when he had that pancreatic surgery that could have made him diabetic, a type 1 diabetic like a juvenile diabetic, and he could be suffering complications from diabetes. he could possibly be rejecting the liver even though it's been a year and a half. that's possible. he could be having infections because when you get a new liver you have to suppress your immune system and when you suppress your immune system it leaves you
12:33 pm
vulnerable to all sorts of infections. it could be none of the things i just mentioned. those are some of the possibilities. >> they sound like such serious things. what would be the treatment for those things? >> they are serious things. liver rejection is tough to get through. if it is -- if his cancer has come back, you know, he may have beat it the first time but if it's come back there aren't a whole lot of treatments left to him that work terribly well so these are all serious things that i've mentioned. but again, of course, we don't know exactly what's happened. >> we don't know and i don't think he'll let out many details either. >> no. i think he has been very private about all of this as one can understand with a serious diagnosis. >> elizabeth, thanks. >> thanks. >> we'll lighten the conversation with shockers from the golden globes. our showbiz report live from los angeles, next. do you think i'd let osteoporosis slow me down? so i asked my doctor about reclast because i heard it's the only once-a-year iv osteoporosis treatment. he told me all about it and i said that's the one for nana.
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12:36 pm
natalie portman and collin firth were just two of the stars to take home awards from last night's golden globes. brooke anderson is all over it and you were. >> i'll do my best. yeah. i have to tell you, this may be one of the first years in a very long time that the conversation is more about the host of the show than the actual award winners. ricky gervais was not afraid. he took shots at the hollywood foreign press, the organization that runs the globes. listen to part of what ricky said in his opening monologue.
12:37 pm
>> it was a big year for 3-d movies, toy story, despicable me, seems like everything was three dimensional. i'd like to quash this ridiculous movie going around that the only reason taurus was nominated was so the hollywood foreign press could hang out with johnny depp and angelina jolie. that is rubbish. that is not the only reason. they also accepted bribes. going straight for the current controversy surrounding the globes there, a former publicist for the globes accusing the hollywood foreign press of accepting bribes in exchange for nominations. of course the hollywood foreign press says those allegations are without merit. that aside ricky also took on scientology, cher, hugh heffner among others. his objective was to be over the top. he said prior to the show obviously he didn't cross the line last year enough because
12:38 pm
they invited him back this year. there is a ton of outrage over ricky's approach today but this is what he does and the kind of humor he is known for. yeah, i was cringing with some of the jokes but i can't say i was surprised and i know some of his targets laughed it off and were good natured about it as well. >> some of the stuff he said was true though. i mean, it was valid criticism. >> a lot of it was true but not things that people say in front of the stars sitting right there in front of them. >> some of it was just mean though. i mean, i did feel sorry -- some of it was just mean. >> mean spirited. it didn't have to be quite that mean spirited. >> will he be back next year? >> not so sure about that. >> i wouldn't invite him back. brooke anderson, thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. want information on everything breaking in the entertainment world? don't miss "showbiz tonight."
12:39 pm
controversy after the host of the golden globes took jabs at the biggest stars. plus, michael douglas's dramatic return to the centerstage after his cancer fight. the biggest shockers from the golden globes live at 5:00 and 11:00 eastern time on hln. we take the public pulse on gun control in the wake of the arizona shootings. the results of a new poll on our political update. frozen pipes. a classic. well put. pretty obvious. ms. young? that's why it's so important, as an agent, to sit down with our clients, so we can get to know them and talk about stuff like this. why don't they just turn off the main water supply? you do realize this is just an exercise, right? - i do now. - moving on. okay, let's get the fire-retardant suits on. [ man announcing ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ and the life you want to live. with rheumatoid arthritis, there's the life you live... fortunately there's enbrel, the #1 most doctor-prescribed biologic medicine for ra.
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taking a look at top stories now the former haitian dictator known as baby doc is back in his home country after spending some 25 years in exile. jean claude duvalier's unexpected return comes as the country struggled to recover from an earthquake, cholera epidemic, and ongoing political crisis. doctors have upgraded congresswoman gabrielle giffords' condition from critical to serious. she is off the ventilator and breathing on her own through a tube inserted over the weekend. a fellow lawmaker says giffords is moving both sides of her body and is making progress every day. heavy rains in oregon and washington have triggered mudslides. officials say the warm rains are melting snow packs. taking the public pulse on gun control in the wake of the tucson shootings, paul ste steinhauser live from the political desk in washington. paul, what's crossing now?
12:43 pm
>> well, carol, let's talk about the shootings and what americans think about them. we conducted a poll and did it over the weekend and some contradictions here. first off, i guess we could talk about the blame game. the majority of americans, and they say the current gun laws deserve some of the blame, that they're possibly responsible for causing that shooting out in arizona. but check this out. even though a majority feel that way, what about changing gun laws, making them stronger? you can see right here, 7 out of 10 people say no change, no change. only 28% say they'd be more likely to support a changing gun control laws but the majority say no change. here is another contradiction. this is about that harsh rhetoric and you've heard a lot of blame game over whether the harsh rhetoric here in washington between politicians has anything to do with the shootings. well, a majority of americans say yeah. they do. but look at that right there. 7 in 10 say that they don't think things will change for very long, that maybe things will get better for a little bit
12:44 pm
when it comes to harsh rhetoric but 7 in 10 say it won't last long and 18% say no change whatsoever. carol? >> americans are a cynical lot. aren't they? >> yes. >> especially when it comes to politics. i hate to bring it up but what did they say about sarah palin? >> yeah. a lot of conversation obviously over that website, sarah palin put up last year. remember this was during the health care debate and what she did, she put up a website that had 20 targets over it, over 20 congressional districts including giffords'. these were all districts that john mccain and sarah palin won in the 2008 election where democratic lawmakers were voting in favor of the health care law. a lot of people say, well. that may have had something to do with it. well, no. americans don't feel that way. look at these numbers right here. 35% say only a great deal or a moderate amount of blame should be put towards palin on that website. 59% say no, not much at all. not much at all blame should go to sarah palin because of that website. carol, those are our numbers. >> americans are smart and cynical. >> they are. >> thank you, paul. we appreciate it. for the latest political news go
12:45 pm
to cnn we're checking out all the top stories online so you don't have to. jaqui jeras is monitoring it all. what have you found, jaqui? >> it's all about the golden globes and ricky gervais. right? anybody could talk about it today. i know you and brooke just did it ten minutes ago but we've got to talk about it again. this is trending on, on twitter, all over the internet, and the number one story. you can see right now he's got 600 comments on that that just came up. there's like two or three different stories on dot com right now all related to this. normally we're all chiti chatting about the dresses and what the girls were wearing but this year it's all about ricky gervais and whether he was hilarious or maybe a little too harsh perhaps. you decide. all right. that's it from what's trending right now. carol is back with more in the newsroom right after this. [ female announcer ] there's a new way to let go
12:46 pm
of some of the annoying symptoms menopause brings. it's one a day menopause formula. the only complete multivitamin with soy isoflavones to help address hot flashes and mild mood changes. one a day menopause formula.
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12:48 pm
weather is getting nastier in florida. more warnings to tell you about. >> we're tracking a new tornado warning for south florida and this does include parts of brevard county. this goes until 1:45 eastern time and you can see where it's highlighted. it includes the kennedy space center, parts of brevard, orange, and oscala county until 1:45. also a larger area we're tracking includes two tornado watches. the radar is showing very heavy rain working through this region and to the south through the miami-dade area with heavy
12:49 pm
thunderstorms coming up from hialeah straight into miami, fort lauderdale, into miami-dade county. these tornado watches will go until 7:00 p.m. tonight. this is just the beginning. i'm anticipating a very strong risk of severe weather throughout the day today especially as we go into the afternoon hours. please be careful if you don't have to be outside during these downpours stay inside because many of the thunderstorms will be severe and could contain hail and damaging winds. we'll keep track for you. >> thanks, bonnie. if you're looking for work, take heart. the job market is improving if of course you know where to look. our christine romans joins us again. where do we look? >> reporter: well, it's improving. it's not terrible but it is improving. that's what we've been looking for. anywhere from 2.5 to 3 million jobs expected to be created in the u.s. this year. washington insiders are beginning to grow more confident, cautious but confident. former white house economic adviser larry summers is a little more optimistic, telling cnn this weekend, carol, more
12:50 pm
jobs are on the way. >> i think the prospects for starting to see significant employment growth and reductions in unemployment right now are better than they've been in the united states in a number of years. >> he said some jobs will never come back. you've heard that before but he noted new jobs in health care and information technology. some of the trends are already under way. you can look at last month's figures. health care added 36,000 jobs. hospitality and leisure grew by 47,000 jobs. we've been telling you about the so-called stem jobs. science, technology, engineering, math, all of these are areas of growth. many of these careers are on the government's list of the fastest growing careers for the next decade. what are they? among them, biomedical engineers. they'll see the greatest job growth over the next few years, and at 82 grand a year it's a career that, yes, takes higher education, but does pay off eventually. computer analysts, they are
12:51 pm
growing fast, earn an average of $76,000. another huge area of growth that does not require a degree, home health aides and personal and home care aides. do not require college degrees but the average salaries reflect that in the low 20,000s. finally, financial examiner, those jobs bring in close to $80,000 a year. here is something else to consider. a separate study by the brookings institute shows where you look for work is also critical. people who lost a job and took the risk and moved to a place with a lower unemployment rate had better luck getting work than people who stayed put. it's not for everyone. you have custody agreements, parents, elderly grandparents you're taking care of but there are some people who are starting to say, i've been sitting here for a year and a half. i don't have a job. people who take the risk and move have a slightly better chance of being re-employed. >> a brave thing to do. christine romans, thanks. australia begins to dry out after weeks of rain. we'll look at how one city is bouncing back.
12:52 pm
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the president and first lady celebrating martin luther king jr.'s birthday at an elementary school in washington, d.c. this is stewart hops middle school. it is also mrs. obama's birthday and we bleevt students were
12:55 pm
serenading her. ♪ happy birthday ♪ happy birthday >> that is so cute. mr. and mrs. obama were also painting vegetables on the walls at the middle school to promote healthy eating. they look like they're having a lot of fun doing a little community service in the spirit of dr. martin luther king jr. there was a controversy erupting over the king holiday though in some school systems today after snow buried much of the southeast. many districts are desperate to catch up on missed classroom hours. some have gone so far as to ask students to come in today on martin luther king day to make up lost time. we do not want to use martin luther king day as an alternative. it's the only celebration we have. >> i won't send her to school that day. >> al sharpton and the reverend
12:56 pm
jesse jackson calling for a school day boycott. here is what al sharpton had to say. we are urnling people to keep their kids home. it is unamerican not to observe the holiday. catastrophic flooding in parts of brazil. it's been raining every day for almost a month there. as you can see there are rivers running through the center of towns. more than 600 people are dead. hundreds of homes are destroyed. thousands more at risk. brazilian health officials are worried about the spread of water borne diseases. these pictures are from i-reporter lorena amaro. it is a miserable, muddy mess. we are seeing disaster flooding in several other kournlts. at least 51 people have died in the philippines where it has been raining for weeks. rescuers say more than 1.5 million people have been affected and over 2,000 homes damaged or destroyed. disaster officials estimate the damage so far at $9.5 million. on the upside the rain has finally stopped in northeastern australia. cities like brisbane are
12:57 pm
starting to bounce back. the very latest from jessica rich from athe 9 news network. >> reporter: for outsiders it looked like any other monday morning peak in brisbane. from the air roads into the city were clogged with traffic. on the ground, the cbd thronged with people. workers, retailers, shoppers trying to get their lives back ontrack after days of lockdown. >> it's good to see everyone coming back to work and trying to support brisbane. >> yeah. it's all good. trying to get some normalitiy back into life at the minute. so yeah. just pump up the troops for the morning run and see how we go from there. >> a bit unusual, last week a bit surreal. it'll take a while to bounce back. >> for the city, krafrnling back up the economy is now as vital as the cleanup. retailers will hurt for a long time but today the chance to make money again.
12:58 pm
>> we have 20% trade for what we used to have so it's a significant factor. hopefully that'll start picking up in the next couple weeks. >> reopening its vital supply chain today the rockly markets, brisbane's hub for fruit and vegetables. last week it was completely submerged. >> through the work of a hundred soldiers at least yesterday and 180 volunteers and other contractors here we are, our market is operating. >> reporter: but so many other parts of the cbd are a a long way from returning to normal. along with the mud, major roads are still closed, ferries won't be operational for at least three months. then there is the issue of power still cut to four major buildings. even those with power aren't necessarily open for business. buildings have to be made safe and residue waters sucked down before workers can get back in. out here on the iconic river it looked like a magic brisbane day
12:59 pm
but for restaurants either side of it, it was time to count the cost. in this case, crates and crates of very good wine. >> probably about 24,000. >> a look at all of brisbane and around 18,000 homes are still without power. nearly half expected to remain offline for at least another two days. on the upside, only 300 people remain in evacuation centers. outside the city, many townships are still doing it tough. flood victims today tried to salvage what they could. but there's not much left to save here. all of these houses empty shells. around them, the cleanup just goes on and on. >> we don't want -- there's enough water down here already. we don't need tears. the community spirit has been absolutely outstanding. >> reporter: it is still very early days since the natural disaster soaked and shattered the city and its


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